1. Menu

    A selection of "L'Aratro" starter

    Sampling of two classic local first course

    A Second courses reccomended by the chef in keeping with the tradition of Alberobello

    Semifreddo with Almonds and almond milk


  1. Menu

    Apulian Focaccia (typical flat bread)

    A first Courses reccomanded by the chef

    Pork Sausages
    Mixed Salad

    The price does not include service and beverages

Aratro Starters

  1. Typical Tastes

    A variety of typical tastes, fresh and local, cooked by our chef with devotion
  2. Capocollo

    Capocollo from Martina Franca and fresh cado ricotta cheese
    Capocollo from Martina Franca (Slow Food provider), cacio ricotta cheese mode by thè chef Domenico with farm milk
  3. Salumi Choice

    Capocollo from Martina Franca (Slow Food provider), bacon and salami, prepared by skilled master butchers from our land
  4. Adriatic Seafood Starter

    Fresh Fish of thè Adriatic Sea from local fish shops
First Courses

First Courses

  1. Cavatelli Pasta with fresh tomatoes and caciorìcotta cheese

    Cavatelli Pasta of bran flour and fresh cherry tomatoes from Torre Guaceto(Slotu Food provider)

  2. Orecchiette pasta and ragù sauce of

    Orecchiette pasta of durum bran and frizzl (locai pork bacon) What the farmers used to cook once on special days...
  3. Orecchiette pasta with turnip tops

    Orecchiette pasta of durum bran, turnip tops from the local farmers and salty anchovies
  4. Cavatellucci pasta, mussels and beans

    Cavatellucci pasta of durum bran, local beans and Taranto mussels
  5. Broad beans and chicory

    Mashed dry broad beans and wild chicory from our countryside
  6. Fricelli pasta, cauliflowers and tomatoes

    Fricelli pasta of durum bran, cherry tomatoes (SlowFood provider), cauliflower from Polignano a Mare, caciocavallo cheese (Slow Food provider) and fried bread
  7. Cavatellucci pasta of Mother Earth

    Cavatellucci bran pasta, flavoured with cherry tomatoes from Torre Guaceto (Slow Food provider), red onions from Acquaviva (SlowFood) and diced capocollo from Martina Franca (Slow Food), served on a bea of mashed broad beans
  8. Wheat, seafruits and courgettes

    Wheat corns, little cuttle fish, mussels, clams and prawns, With cherry tomatoes and courgettes

Main Courses

  1. Mixed grill

    Locail lamb, pork sausages, pork rolls and capocollo, grilled on olivetree wood

  2. Grilled Lamb

    Only local lamb, grilled on olivetree wood
  3. Local Lamb cooked in thè ouen with potatoes, wild onions or mushrooms (according to thè season), various flavors and spices

  4. Grilled Sausages

    Pork Sausages grilled on olivetree wood

  5. Baby Pork Fillet

    Baby Pork Fillet and mushrooms

  6. Veal Chop

    Veal Chop grilled on olivetree wood

  7. Veal Fillet

    Veal Fillet grilled on olivetree wood

  8. Veal Fillet and boiled wine

    Veal Fillet, cooked in a wine boiled with figs
  9. Adriatic seafresh Fish al Kg

    Daily bought andfresh Fish of thè Adriatic Seafrom locai fish shop
  10. Local Cheese

    A choice of typical Murgian cheese, burrata cheese, Caciocavallo (hard local cheese), mozzarella cheese and more


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